On Tuesday, October 20th from 10:00am to 12:00pm the Nebula web interface and API interfaces will be unavailable for maintenance.

We will work on:

  • Testing the addition of new storage servers, but restricting cinder access to specific projects (like the way Nova handles availability zones)
  • Possibly uninstalling the aging and possibly deprecated Amazon EC2 API that comes with OpenStack and replacing it with a third-party plugin
  • Possibly installing Ceilometer

Instances and networking to those instances will continue to work as expected during the maintenance time.  Functions that try to provision new instances or volumes will not work, however.



Maintenance was completed at 12:00pm CDT.

  • Storage access control lists were tested for the entire two-hour window.  Progress was made and documented, but more testing needs to be performed.
  • Some extra monitoring of services were added
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