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  • 2015-07-31 Developer Meeting
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  • Unknown User (mfreemon) was on vacation, so we had a very simple agenda of basic updates regarding in-progress tasks and general concerns

  • Originally planned on having a meeting on both 2015-07-27, as well as 2015-07-31, however Unknown User (mfelarca) was sick Monday and half of Tuesday, so it didn't happen.
    • Unknown User (mfelarca) and Lengyue Chen met on 2015-07-29 to discuss in-progress tasks and determine if there were any issues that were blocking progress.
    • It was determined that no blocking elements were present. Both parties were continuing to review existing tutorials.
      • It was determined that the Django tutorials were a prerequisite for the Django restframework tutorials
    • Determined that nds-dashboard is currently not using nds-django
      • Discussion of existing requirements and API to be planned to determine if nds-django project can be simply transitioned to, or if additional work is needed for integration
    • Unknown User (mfelarca) is creating a wiki page that reviews the basic REST API for the nds services as defined by the nds-django project
      • this will reflect the current implementation right now – but will be the basis for the followup discussion with Ian regarded upcoming changes that might be needed
    • Stood up basic nds-django project, including clone and setup of the submodule ythub_workers. Further follow up regarding integration with full nds-labs environment to be tested

  • Repository naming
    • Successful export of existing nds-webservice repository to new nds-labsenvironment repository
      • Includes all existing commits and branches
      • development branch will be cleaned to serve as the new basis for the current infrastructure
    • Creation of new repository for user interface to handle NDS Labs environment creation and administation

Future Agenda Topics

  • Jeff Terstriep suggests a discussion of role of VMs and docker as a future topic

  • follow discussion up with Ian Taylor regarding
    • REST API definitions for nds-django
    • details on how to use common UI elements in both Dashboard and Explorer
  • Coordination with Kieran Evans (original nds-django author) regarding verification of existing understanding and discussion for future directions and implementation
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