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  • 2015-07-24 Developer Meeting
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  • General discussion regarding direction, intent, design, and implementation details of the two NDS REST APIs, and their clients, such as NDS Dashboard and NDS Explorer

  • API for service management (nds-django)
    • the direction is to move all nds service management (starting/stopping docker containers, etc.) to nds-django
    • unclear which backend is currently being used by nds-dashboard
    • should not matter – the API should be the same so it shouldn't matter to the dashboard
    • Unknown User (mfelarca) will create a wiki page that defines the REST API for the nds services
      • this will reflect the current implementation right now – but will be the basis for the followup discussion with Ian regarded upcoming changes that might be needed
    • we need to stand up a running instance of nds-django if not already running

  • Block diagram changes (Unknown User (mfreemon) will update it)
    • move the existing nds-explorer inside the labs environment, replacing the "mystery" box
      • do we even need the "mystery box"?  yes
    • move the nds-dashboard inside the nds labs environment (as a service in an OpenStack instance)
    • brand new repository for the top left webapp (the frontend for nds-webservices

  • Repository naming
    • need a new name for the top left webapp (the frontend for nds-webservices)
    • need better names for these repositories
      • nds-webservice –  this is the REST implementation for managing openstack resources
      • nds-django– this is the REST implementation for managing nds services
    • leave the nds-explorer name alone
  • Unknown User (mfreemon) is on vacation next week

Future Agenda Topics

  • Jeff Terstriep suggests a discussion of role of VMs and docker as a future topic

  • follow discussion up with Ian Taylor regarding
    • REST API definitions for nds-django
    • details on how to use common UI elements in both Dashboard and Explorer


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