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  • 2015-07-22 Developer Meeting
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  • Unknown User (mfreemon) review of email announcing new simplified approach for creating and managing NDS Labs Environments
    • See email send to the discuss list on 7/21
    • Q: who designed for?
      • A: technically-savvy developers who want to focus on service development – can be used immediately
        – new web UI coming that is intended for broader classes of users
    • Q: why create 3 instances?
      • A: the 3 instances are one each of 3 different "types", publicly-addressable, data container, and worker.  Using 3 helps ensure that the implementation will work in a distributed environment and will scale up to arbitrary number of instances.  fleet handles assignment of container to instances automatically, taking into account dependencies
    • some minor adjustments to the step-by-step instruction were discovered
  • Decision regarding technical approach for the webapp/webservices
    • Web UI (new repo will be created – see bullet below)
      • will be implemented using the MEAN stack leveraging the work and knowledge gained by Unknown User (mfelarca) and Lengyue Chen over the past few weeks
      • builds on the prior work of Matthew Turk  using angular, node.js, calling web services, etc.
      • reference implementation
    • Web services (repo: nds-webservices)
      • will be implemented using Python/Django/Django-REST-Framework/python-novaclient
        • same approach using by "internal" REST implementation (repo: nds-django)
        • solid technologies that we know work
    • The REST API is already defined thanks to Unknown User (mfelarca) and Lengyue Chen and does not change because of any of this
      • Unknown User (mfreemon) will review the wiki page and remove the "service" APIs (previously agreed to but not captured on the page)
    • There is a question about existing (demo version) of nds-explorer application/code/repo
      • do we need a web UI for the management of NDS services – will NDS Dashboard do that (it does not now AFAIK), or do we move the existing nds-explorer inside the labs environments (taking the place of the "mystery box" on the diagram)?
      • decision:
        • nds-explorer will mentally (and on the diagram) take the place of the mystery box – BUT no actual work will take place on this for now – the other work is higher priority at the moment
        • a new repo will be created for the Web UI we've been discussing over the past few weeks (the MEAN stack calling to nds-webservices for OpenStack orchestration)
    • Unknown User (mfelarca) and Lengyue Chen will think though details and capture items in JIRA

  • Unknown User (mfreemon) is on vacation next week

Future Agenda Topics

  • Jeff Terstriep suggests a discussion of role of VMs and docker as a future topic

  • follow up with Ian Taylor regarding specific technical discussions regarding container management
    • the primary question is whether to continue to use the existing ytwebapp/ythubworkers or switch to the django-based implementation.
    • goal is for that discussion to happen by wed or fri next week (7/22 or 7/24)


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