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  • 2015-07-20 Developer Meeting
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  • Unknown User (mfreemon) quick review of recent service refresh
    • including: new getting started approach
    • 7/20: reviewed/discussed
      • focus is simplicity – what can we do to lower the barrier to entry for new developers and users
      • defer temporary the use of OpenStack Volumes in favor of docker volumes (simplifies a lot)
      • acceptance/approval of general direction and thinking

  • Need decision regarding technical approach for the webapp/webservices
    • quick review of recent thread
    • pros/cons from Mario
    • 7/20: discussion
      • "create environment" works (see next item though)
      • current webservices makes system calls to external python script
        • currently crashes node.js server when script error occurs
        • current approach fragile – must move away from this
      • no active development occurring on web UI (nds-explorer) because UI being generated by tooling inside the nds-webservices repo
        • we want to move away from this – web UI should be separated from web services implementation
      • key questions are:
        • keep the current script AND the web services implementation?
          • Yes – web services becomes the primary support mechanism – the script is more as-time-permits intended for power users
        • build and parse the HTTP directly (programmatically) for the OpenStack REST calls
          • No – we prefer to use an language-specific API for building/making the OpenStack calls (e.g. python-novaclient)
        • Implementation of the backend web services (internal to the NDS Labs Environment)
          • This will be Python/Django  (i.e. nds-django)
        • Implementation of the NDS web services (that interfaces to OpenStack)
  • NDS-25 - Implementation of the Web Service API ( Open)
    • 7/6: created
    • 7/7: updates in JIRA ticket
    • 7/8: general discussion, based on comments in ticket
      • post-meeting – resolved issue with network connectivity from Zeo's Ubuntu workstation.
    • 7/10: "create ndslabs" functionality is working
      • Not yet pushed to the repo – problem with the code repository on the ubuntu workstation
      • Mario Felarca and Lengyue Chen will resolve local repo issue and commit/push to bitbucket
    • 7/13: will push to repo today

  • NDS-2 - Website Frontend ( Open)
    • Goals for next week (week of 6/29-7/2) are
      • first two pieces of functionality working end-to-end – from brower to explorer to web service to backend systems (openstack)
        • list environments
        • create environment
    • 7/6: In progress
    • 7/7: In progress
    • 7/8: Mario Felarca updating the code to conform to the new REST APIs
    • 7/10: In progress
    • 7/13: will have end-to-end for the "create labs" functionality working by Wed 7/15

Future Agenda Topics

  • Jeff Terstriep suggests a discussion of role of VMs and docker as a future topic

  • follow up with Ian Taylor regarding specific technical discussions regarding container management
    • the primary question is whether to continue to use the existing ytwebapp/ythubworkers or switch to the django-based implementation.
    • goals is for that discussion to happen by wed or fri next week (7/22 or 7/24)


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