NCSA Cyberinfrastructure professional Intern Program (NCSA CIP) Fall 2017

Information and updates for the Fall 2017 semester can be found here

NCSA Groups available for Internship

  • HPC Systems Group (Systems)
    • Andy Loftus
  • Storage Enabling Technologies (SET)
    • Michelle Butler 
  • Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL)
    • Stuart Levy
  • Innovative Technology Services (ITS)
    • <designated Mentor>
  • Data Analysis and Visualization (DAV)
    • Robert Sisneros
  • Innovative Software and Data Analysis (ISDA)
    • Shannon Bradley (point person for team)
  • Science and Engineering Application Support (SEAS)
    • <designated Mentor>
  • Incident Response and Security Team (IRST)
    • Kay Avila
  • Network Engineering (NERD)
    • Kapil Agrawal


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