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Developing a Web Mapping Component for Market Maker by using Open Source Projects

The goal of this project is to create and deliver a web mapping component for Market Maker built upon free and open source technologies. The component will utilize client-side AJAX-based tools and a service oriented architecture (SOA) to provide a scalable and extensible system that will allow developers to easily respond to software bugs and feature requests. The new architecture for the web mapping component will allow for a flexible software stack of technologies for delivering geospatial information from publicly available map services such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as privately administered sources such ArcIMS. This architecture will allow new map services or technologies to be integrated into the system and made available to the Market Maker community in a timely fashion. A PostGIS spatial database will also be developed for the component to manage the geospatial information being delivered by the various web map services and provide spatial indexing and spatial operations to improve the client's performance and allow for a wider variety of queries.

This component will be capable of serving as the primary mapping component in the Market Maker system and thus is prepared for the rapid growth and evolution of Market Maker as part of a more comprehensive system redesign.

In addition, how to replace the proposed component with current mapping component will be explore in terms of transition scenarios, budgets, and project duration.


  • Provide a flexible service-oriented architecture
  • Provide a well-designed and responsive user interface
  • Develop the component with the proposed architecture by using free and open source projects
  • Develop the spatial database for the component
  • Develop the proposal for the transition from current mapping component to the proposed component

Proposed Architecture


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