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  • Creating new Dataset schemas
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Creating new Dataset schemas

To create a new dataset schema, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Create schema file An xsd schema file must be created to define the new schema. These are generally placed in a folder named gisSchemas in the root directory of the defining plugin. The xsd file must define the fields of the new schema. See the maeviz-bridgeDamage_1.0.xsd in the ncsa.maeviz plugin for an example. As in the example, the field names must be prefixed with "maeviz." Also, the main part of the field name (after the maeviz prefix) must be 10 characters or less. The primitive type of the field (double, string, etc) must also be correctly specified.
  2. Add Schema extension point The extension point ncsa.gis.gisSchemas must be extended to define the schema.




    The id of the schema


    A friendly name for the schema


    A version identifier for the schema.


    A short type name for the schema


    A user-friendly description of the schema


    The schema file defined in the previous step


    The format of the schema. Predefined formats include: shapefile,fragility,mapping, raster, and table. If other formats are desired, they must be defined, which is outside the scope of this document


    The list of fields that are required as a minimum for this schema. These will be prompted to map to during ingestion


    For shapefiles, the suggested smart layering position in the map. Should be between 1 and 100, where lower numbers appear above lower numbers. A mapLayer of -1 indicates that the dataset should be invisible by default


    A category name for the schema. Categories determine what subfolders the schemas appear in the repository view.

  3. Add field metadata An xml file should be created to define field-specific metadata for the schema. These files should be placed in a folder named gisMetadata that sits parallel to the gisSchemas folder. Files in here should have the same name as their corresponding schema xsd file, except with xsd renamed to xml. Each field should be defined using a column-metadata element with the following attributes:





    The id to match the column id from the xsd file. Should not include the maeviz. prefix.



    A friendly name for the field



    An indicator of whether this field should be displayed as a numeric value (for example, some schemas have string fields that should be interpreted as numbers



    The default units of this field. This abbreviation should come from a unit tag defined in the ncsa.gis.units extension point



    The length of the field. This should be as small as possible without truncating data



    The importance of the field. Values are user (interesting to the user), mainValue (the one main important value of the dataset), unique (a unique key field), and summary (a field that can be used for grouping in summary views. If a field does match any of these importance levels, the importance attribute should be ommited.



    This should be defined if the field is a new result value for this schema



    If the field is aggregated in a view or table, what type of aggregation makes the most sense for this field. Values are sum, mean, and count


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