Work Completed

    • Drove to Champaign on Monday October 24 for all day work session
    • Worked on Simulation monitoring table to display creation date to better determine which run was launched when. I also worked on the search page and adding code to use Lucene for search. More needs to be done to start storing information in Lucene. Most of the framework is in place to use Lucene for search, it just needs a lucene index to call out for searching simulations (and other things that we will want to search for in the repository).
    • Fixed a bug in the eAIRS tools where the field type for the workflow script should have been application/xml not text/plain
    • Worked with Luigi on testing the publishing and submitting of workflows using the PAW submission code
    • Created a tutorial guide for creating a new Cyberintegrator workflow and exporting/importing it into Cyberintegrator

Work Planned

    • Drive to Champaign for all day work session on October 24, 2011
    • Continue working on eAIRS-web UI
    • Work with Luigi on submitting a workflow using PAW submission code


This week went mostly as planned. Next week we will continue to pull together the eAIRS web application for release.