Work Completed

    • Reviewed and updated Ember resource request document.
    • Updated workflow scripts for Ranger (2d and 3d) and tested them on Ranger. I found that the KISTI.ncsa REST service wasn't used the latest Gondola with the new package name so that had to be updated. After it was updated, the scripts ran successfully.
    • Updated the eAIRS tools with the plug-ins containing the new package name. I also updated the eAIRS tools PTPFlow plug-in dependencies to remove the org.apache.commons plug-in. That plug-in bundled several apache libraries and could cause classloading issues. The updated plug-ins are on ncsa-orbit. I rebuilt the tools and tested them both locally and on the KISTI CI server so that the updated tools and scripts would be on the remote resource for others to use/test.
    • Continued working on the eAIRS UI. I added some tweaks to the workflow monitoring UI and started working on the Search UI. This will continue next week.

Work Planned

    • Work on eAIRS-web User Interface
    • Update and Test Regex for job submission on Ranger. Also, eAIRS tools will need to be updated with the latest package change to Gondola since the JAXB class packages changed with the move to opensource
    • Update eAIRS tools dependencies. The PTPFlow plug-ins that are depended on should be updated to remove org.apache.commons and checked into ncsa-orbit.
    • Review Ember resources request document


This week went as planned. I took a personal day on Monday October 10th.