Gravitational wave detection via deep learning

  • People
    • PI: Eliu Antonio Huerta Escudero <>
    • Users: Daniel George: dgeorge5, Miguel Holgado: holgado2, Eliu Huerta: elihu, Daniel Johnson: dsjohns2, Michael Usachenko: usachenk, Hsi-Yu Schive: hyschive
  • Dates
    • Start date: 03/2017
    • End date: TBD
  • Platform(s)
    • Hybrid (This is a dedicated platform for this specific project because developers need interactive GUI-based access to the system.)
  • Description
    • Objective
      • Develop deep learning based methodology for gravitational wave detection in support of LIGO project.
    • Abstract
      • TBD
  • Status
    • 03/01/17
      • 4x P100 donated by NVIDIA were installed
    • 03/17
      • access granted.
  • Open issues
    • ??

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