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Welcome! This wiki page is open for general access and is a place for sharing information that relates to the GLCPC and the XSEDE campus champions.

The Campus Champions program supports campus representatives as a local source of knowledge about high-performance and high-throughput computing and other digital services, opportunities and resources. This knowledge and assistance empowers campus researchers, educators, and students to advance scientific discovery.  Information about the Champions program is accessible at  The group has monthly calls to share information.  There is no cost for institutions to join the program.  To join the program, contact S. Kay Hunt <> at Purdue University.

A broad range of HPC and CSD&E training is offered via live, web-cast, and self-paced offerings.  A list of offerings available from XSEDE are available at

The Campus Bridging team aims to make it easier to connect researchers analyses to the national cyberinfrastructure, and promote best practices in the use of national resources among campus IT staff.  Information about Campus Bridging is accessible at

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