Welcome to the Business Office Home Page! 

Take a look around to find training documents, information about our team and the services we provide. If you have any questions please reach out to your local accountant or email fabo@ncsa.uiuc.com

Get to know our team!

Find Bio's of our Business Office Staff and information on our org structure

Business Office Services

Find out what services our office provides, and how you can request help

New to NCSA? Here's what you need to know

Helpful information and tips for newcomers to NCSA who interact with the Business Office

NCSA Service Centers and Center Initiatives

Learn more about the various service centers and initiatives that NCSA offers, including the Service Center Policy

Account Owner? Help Guides here!

If you are an account owner, we will have some helpful guides and processes documented here


Find answers to frequently asked questions here!

Training Documents

Find links to different training documents put together by the business office. 

State and ICR Budget Planning

Find links here to training and other information for the state budget planning process


We are working to bring financial data directly to you through financial dashboards in Tableau! A team is actively working to develop these dashboards based on user feedback. Go to this page if you want to check in on where we are in the design and development. 

Business Office Team

This space is for our Business Office team to save and share documents amongst the team

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