First Trails and Errors

Type Definitions from C3 Docs (7.19.1)

C3 Guide: Source Systems & Source Collections for file based data

Yifang's test image: cat image URL

Call with Armaan:

Repo location for IDS output:

>>  Client.uploadLocalClientFiles('/Users/armaanbutt/Downloads/cat1.jpg','azure://dev-dti/dl/yifang/featureyifang/images/inbox/cat.jpg')
>> c3Grid(FileSourceCollection.fetch())
>> FileSourceCollection.get('images')
>> var fsc = FileSourceCollection.get('images')
>> c3Grid(fsc.listFiles())


All those above are:

  1. how we can upload files from local computer to C3 file storage using console
  2. how we can access directly to the image file in C3 file storage using URL

Path of Azure blob file in C3 Platform: 


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