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COVID-19 API Documentation

Official C3 AI documentation related to the COVID-19 Data Lake Public API. This documentation:

  • Describes the publicly available API.
  • Comes with plenty of examples showing how to use the API.
  • Comes with a python notebook and R notebook showing exactly how to use this API.

Researchers may find they do not need to read all of this document. We recommend reading at least to the section 'Using C3.ai APIs'. The rest of the document gives examples on how to fetch the various available data types.

Main C3 AI Developer Documentation Page

Official C3 Developer Documentation Page. You will need a C3 AI Developer Portal login to access this page.

C3 AI Suite Getting Started Guide

Official C3 Developer Guide to using C3. This guide is highly recommended to go through for any researcher planning on using the C3 platform itself rather than just accessing data through the public API. A C3 developer portal login is required to view this page.

C3 AI Suite Community Forums

A set of Discourse-powered community forums for C3 AI users – think "StackOverflow for the C3.ai Suite". If you have questions or problems you might search here for an existing solution or post your question directly.

Official C3.ai Academy Training

C3 AI offers official "C3.ai Academy" online courses. Each course is a self-paced series of videos, exercises, and quizzes intended to be completed in a week (40 hours). During that week you will be given access to a C3.ai-hosted training environment (this access will end by the weekend) and to C3 AI instructors' daily office hours each morning. You can re-sign up for a course in a subsequent week if you have not completed it.

DTI Resources

Some resources are planned. Links will be added as content is created.

Differences between the public API and the full COVID-19 Data Lake

  • The DTI team tries to keep a list of differences between the public face of the COVID-19 Data Lake, and the full Data Lake.
  • This will help researchers decide whether they need full access, or can just use the public API.

DTI Guide: Utilizing C3 AI Documentation

This guide is to help researchers understand and use C3 AI documentation more effectively.

DTI Quickstart Guide

This introduction to the C3 AI platform gets you fetching data and evaluating metrics from the C3 AI Suite right away.

DTI C3 Tips and Tricks

This guide contains a number of small tips and tricks which don't belong with any other resource. Have a look here if you're trying to do something tricky and don't have information about it anywhere else. It might be here!

DTI Guide: Troubleshooting

This guide details a number of fixes to common C3 AI Suite problems.

Examples and Exercises

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