"My name is HAL. I became operational on March 25 2019 at the Innovative Systems Lab in Urbana, Illinois. My creators are putting me to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do." (paraphrazed from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HAL_9000)

Hardware-Accelerated Learning (HAL) cluster description

Host name: hal.ncsa.illinois.edu




To request access: fill out this form. Make sure to follow the link on the application confirmation page to request actual system account.

To report problems: email us.

Quick start guide: (for complete details see Documentation section on the left)

To connect to the cluster:

ssh username@hal.ncsa.illinois.edu 

To submit interactive job:

srun --partition=debug --pty --nodes=1 \
--ntasks-per-node=8 --gres=gpu:v100:1 \
-t 01:30:00 --wait=0 \
--export=ALL /bin/bash 

To submit a batch job:

sbatch run_script.sb  

See run_script.sb for a basic example.

Job Queue time limits:

  • Interactive "debug" queue: 4 hours
  • Batch queues:  72 hours

To load IBM PowerAI module:

module load ibm/powerai

Main -> Systems -> HAL

Contact us

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Visit: NCSA, room 3050E