Document Name: NCSA Account Terms of Use
Version: 1.0
Accountable: Alex Withers
Authors: Adam Slagell

Reviewed: June 22, 2021
Approved:   Apr. 10, 2015


Users of NCSA resources, whether or not they are authenticating with accessing with an NCSA identity, accept the following terms of use for these resources:

Terms of Use

  1. Resources are used in congruence with the University of Illinois policy of appropriate use and any additional additional requirements set by sponsors.
  2. All applicable laws, regulations, intellectual property rights and confidentiality agreements are respected, and no attempts are made to breach or circumvent any NCSA administrative or security controls.
  3. NCSA account holders protect their access credentials (e.g., private keys, tokens & passwords) which are issued for only their use. Adequate protection includes:
    1. Using a unique password for their NCSA account;
    2. Only entering their NCSA password into a system on an NCSA domain (e.g.,; and
    3. Not sharing NCSA credentials with any other person.
  4. Suspected security breach or misuse of NCSA access credentials are immediately reported to the NCSA Help Desk ( or +1 217.244.0710).
  5. Relevant access-granting organizations (e.g., National Science Foundation), relevant Principal Investigators (PIs) or sponsors, and the NCSA are entitled to regulate, suspend or terminate any access.
  6. Each person is responsible for keeping their NCSA identity profile information up-to-date.
  7. Use of resources and services through NCSA is at your own risk. Unless contractually agreed upon, there are no guarantees that resources and services will be available, that they will suit every purpose, or that data will never be lost or corrupted. Therefore, users are responsible for backing up critical data.
  8. Logged information is used for administrative, operational, accounting, monitoring and security purposes.


Violations of NCSA or University policies can result in loss of access to resources. Violations of laws or destruction of property can result in criminal or civil action by the proper authorities. 

Other Terms of Use