Security Contact Process

Urgent Priority 

Security Incident or concern that is of a critical nature and requires immediate response. 

  1. Send note to
  2. CC
  3. List subject as URGENT! And flag High Priority email flag
  4. Clearly state the issue or concern
  5. Provide your contact information including cell phone for more details

If no response within 10 minutes, contact these people by cell phone in the following order:

  1. Incident Response & Security Team Lead - Warren Raquel (217) 714-7713
  2. Chief Information Security Officer - Adam Slagell (217) 390-3837
  3. Chief Security Officer - Randy Butler (217) 898-9347

High Priority

Needs to be addressed in a timely manner, i.e., in the next couple hours during business days.

  1. Send a note to
  2. Flag the note as High Priority
  3. List Subject as High Priority
  4. Clearly state the issue or need
  5. Provide contact information

Moderate to Low Priority

  1. Send note to
  2. Clearly state the issue or need
  3. Provide contact information