"The C3 AI Suite provides RESTful APIs to provide programmatic access to all Types and all methods in a C3 application. By default, all Types have automatically-generated REST APIs–there is no need to define or construct API endpoints manually." (From official C3 documentation on RESTful APIs)

API URL Structure

URLs for C3 REST API requests have the following format:



Required arguments to methods must be passed via the HTTP request body in json format. For example when calling the fetch() method, we must pass a spec parameter. This can be passed with a json formatted payload like this:

  "spec": {
    "limit": 10,
    "include": "id, name, bulbType"

Necessary HTTP Headers

HeaderDescriptionPossible Values
AcceptIndicates the media types which are acceptable for the responseapplication/json application/xml (default)
Content-TypeIndicates the media type of the entity-body sent to the recipientapplication/json
Request-MethodIndicates the desired action to be performed for the resource


AuthorizationUsername and Password

Official Documentation (Please note this page currently closely mirrors that available at the official documentation):