Advanced Computational Health Enclave (ACHE)

The Advanced Computational Health Enclave (ACHE) is a special environment with restricted physical and electronic access at NCSA. The ACHE is a physically isolated 1000-square-foot data center that is strictly managed to support electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). It follows HIPAA standards and University of Illinois policies and procedures to ensure conformance and protection of ePHI. The ACHE undergoes annual security assessments and is currently undergoing SOC2 Type2 certification.


The Nightingale system is a tenant of the ACHE and provides researchers with an environment to process and store ePHI.  Nightingale provides both compute and storage technologies and facilities for the ingest of data and processes for the export of de-identified data.  Nightingale provides the capability to meet a wide variety of researcher's computing needs ranging from small systems to large multi-node systems supported GPUs and low latency inter-connects.  Nightingale leverages NCSA's experience and expertise in meeting these scientific, high through put and high performance computing needs.