NOTE: A Globus "Collection" in the new Globus Connect Server v5 (GCSv5) is what has previously been referred to as an "endpoint".  The Display Name created in step 11 will be used to access this collection through the Globus webui or cli.

  1. Logon to
  2. Select 'Endpoints' from the left navigation bar
    1. search for 'NCSA Google Drive' and select
  3. Navigate to the 'Collections' tab from the NCSA Google Drive endpoint page
  4. Select 'Add a Guest Collection'

  5. Logon using your identity.
  6. Select "Allow" to grant the Globus Collection App the permissions it needs to manage your collections.
  7. Register a Google Account to associate with your "" Globus identity.  Select Continue
  8. Choose a Google account from "chosen domain" (most likely 
  9. The next step will bring up a page that says "This app isn't verified!".  We are currently working with Google and Globus to get this cleaned up.
    Select "Advanced" and then "Go to (unsafe)".
  10. Next, "Allow" to access your Google Account. 
  11. Create your Google Drive gateway 

    1. Choose Google Drive credentials to use (in most cases these will be Google Drive credentials).
    2. Set the 'Base Directory'. Either leave it blank for the entire Google Drive or target a specific directory.
    3. Set the 'Collection Display Name' so it is easy to identify.
    4. Select "Create Collection"
  12. Collection creation is complete.  Start using this collection.