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Usage Reporting

NCSA will report the following to the National Science Foundation (NSF)

      • Number of jobs project runs

      • Jobs run per queue (High memory, Hadoop, etc.)

      • Data movement

      • Point-in-time usage

      • Project allocation

      • Tickets opened/closed and duration

      • Portal data

      • OpenStack data
Acknowledging ROGER

Papers, presentations, and other publications that feature work that relied on ROGER's resources, services, and/or expertise should include the appropriate acknowledgement of ROGER, as well as the NSF grant that supports it (NSF-1429699).

Examples of where one may site ROGER:

    • Proposals and Publications
    • Training's and workshops that used ROGER 
    • Any data products
    • Student engagement (including classes)
    • Science impact stories 

To acknowledge the use of ROGER:

"The work used the ROGER supercomputer, which is supported by NSF under grant number: 1429699."

To acknowledge the help of team members at the CyberGIS Center:

"We thank [team name(s)] for [his/her/their] assistance with [describe tasks such as geospatial data analysis, visualization, etc.], which was made possible through the CyberGIS Center Help Desk.


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