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This page contains macros or features from a plugin which requires a valid license.

You will need to contact your administrator.

Information Security Policies

ROGER users are expected to conform to the NCSA security policy.»

Users are responsible for reporting their work back to NCSA.

We may also conduct periodic usage surveys or other means of gathering information.



Usage Reporting

NCSA will report the following to the National Science Foundation (NSF)

      • Number of jobs project runs

      • Jobs run per queue (High memory, Hadoop, etc.)

      • Data movement

      • Point-in-time usage

      • Project allocation

      • Tickets opened/closed and duration

      • Portal data

      • OpenStack data
Acknowledging ROGER

Papers, presentations, and other publications that feature work that relied on ROGER's resources, services, and/or expertise should include the appropriate acknowledgement of ROGER, as well as the NSF grant that supports it (NSF-1429699).

Examples of where one may site ROGER:

    • Proposals and Publications
    • Training's and workshops that used ROGER 
    • Any data products
    • Student engagement (including classes)
    • Science impact stories 

To acknowledge the use of ROGER:

"The work used the ROGER supercomputer, which is supported by NSF under grant number: 1429699."

To acknowledge the help of team members at the CyberGIS Center:

"We thank [team name(s)] for [his/her/their] assistance with [describe tasks such as geospatial data analysis, visualization, etc.], which was made possible through the CyberGIS Center Help Desk.

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