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Taiga is NCSA's Global File System that is integrated with all non-HIPAA environments in the National Petascale Computation Facility.  Built with SSUs (Scaleable Storage Units) spec'd by NCSA engineers with DDN, it provides a center-wide, single-namespace file system that is available to use across multiple platforms and is based on DDN's Exascaler platform, running Lustre.  This allows researchers to access their data on multiple systems simultaneously; improving their ability to run science pipelines across batch, cloud, and container resources.  Taiga is also well integrated with the Granite Tape Archive to allow users to readily stage out data to their tape allocation for long term, cold storage.  Taiga currently has the capacity for 19PB of data and achieves a maximum throughput of ~110GB/s.  

Taiga Architecture

Taiga Allocations

Taiga User Guide 

Taiga Pricing

How to get started


Granite is NCSA's Tape Archive system, closely integrated with Taiga, to provide users with a place to store longer term archive datasets. This system is built using a 19 frame Spectra TFinity tape library, currently outfitted with 30 IBM TS1140 (JAG 7) tape drives, and is able to hold over 40PB of data at this time.  The archive is built using Versity's ScoutAM and ScoutFS products, giving users a single archive namespace from which to stage data in and out.  Access to this tape system is available directly via tools such as scp, Globus, and S3.  Data written to Granite is replicated to two tapes for mirrored protection in case of tape failure. 

Granite Architecture

Granite Allocations

Granite Usage Guide

Granite & Jade Pricing

How to get started

NEWS (Oct. 2022): Taiga Capacity Increased to 19PB, Performance ~110GB/s

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