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NOTE: A Globus "Collection" in The new Globus Connect Server v5 (GCSv5) is what has previously been referred to as an "endpoint".  The Display Name created in step 7 will be used to access this collection through the Globus webui or cli.

  1. Logon to
  2. Select 'Endpoints' from the left navigation bar
    1. search for 'NCSA AWS S3' and select
  3. Navigate to the 'Collections' tab from the NCSA Google Drive endpoint page
  4. Select 'Add a Guest Collection'

  5. Logon using your identity.

  6. Create AWS S3 Gateway
    1. Enter the appropriate AWS S3 Access Key ID and Secret Key
    2. The Globus Identity should stay as an '' identity.
  7. Fill in collection details
    1. Choose the S3 credentials added in the previous step
    2. Set a base directory (bucket to tie this collection to) or if left empty it will encompass all buckets accessible via these credentials
    3. Fill in the additional information: Collection Display Name, Description, Keywords, Default Directory(only if not covered by the "Base Directory" setting).
    4. Create the collection.
  8. Collection creation is complete.  
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