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Document Name: NCSA Identity & Access Management Policy
Version: 1.3
Accountable: Alex Withers
Authors: Adam Slagell, Alex Withers

Reviewed: June 22, 2021
Approved:   Sept 6, 2018

Table of Contents


NCSA operates a centralized authorization service for systems in the High Performance Data Center  zone zone (See NCSA Network Security Policy). Local password files and other authentication/authorization services can only be used if a formal exception is approved by the NCSA Information NCSA Internal Infrastructure Board (IIB).


Staff are removed from the NCSA staff group during the NCSA exit process as stated in the NCSA Information Security Policy. Group owners are responsible for promptly removing users from other groups as roles and access needs change.


This policy is reviewed annually by the Security Office. Feedback is solicited from the Information Infrastructure Internal Infrastructure Board for any recommended changes. New versions are approved by the NCSA Director's Office.