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Kick-off Meeting of the G8 ESC project, March 2nd 2011



1) Official starting date(s) of the project (differs between countries)

2) Consortium Agreement (CA). This CA will be based on the DESCA model

3) Name The Advisory Committee (AC) will consist of 3-6 researchers that are no part of the project

4) ECS will establish the Project Management Guidelines, which will describe the project management bodies and processes.

5) Start the preparation of the first workshop T0+12 in Juelish. In invite other climate projects from DoE (Sandia, Argonne), Europe + Japan + Canada + Brazil

6) Vice-leaders

7) First deliverable: progress report at M0+6

8) Decide dates for next conf calls and F2F meeting


1) Comments on the review and how to take into consideration remarks of the 4th reviewer

2) List the objectives of the first year (deliverable at T0+12)

3) Selection of the codes to investigate

4) Decide how to implement this analysis: meeting will be required (Conf call with CESM experts to discuss the best way to extract kernels) March 7th or 8th.

5) A tutorial day on CESM focusing on the kernels of interest

6) The CESM tutorial week at Boulder from August 1st to 5th --> We assume that students will attend. Make the list of other potential participant from ESC.