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  • Azure Portal
  • Education | Courses Blade - Available to some DTI researchers
    • This page will show your C3DTI Assigned credit and Consumed credit. Updated daily, not in real time.
    • If this page does not show your credit status, you may have been added directly to your research group's Subscription by one of your research group's Azure coordinators. Please check with your research group's Azure coordinator and/or DTI staff at
  • Resource Groups Blade
    • View and manage your deployed Resources by Resource Group.
  • Subscriptions Blade
    • Ensure that all of your Subscriptions are shown by deselecting the box "Show only subscriptions selected in the global subscriptions filter":
    • After selecting your DTI subscription, you may find the following Blades useful:
      • Activity log
        • Browse and filter all Activity under your Subscription.
        • Note that the default view shows history from only the last six hours; change this selection to see older activity.
      • Access control (IAM)
        • Grant fine-grained access to your Azure Subscription and Resources to other team members.
      • Resources
        • Browse, filter and manage your deployed Azure Resources.
      • Usage + quotas
        • View your current service instance count usage, your current service instance type quotas, and request quota increases.
        • Note: Plan ahead, it may take several days for your quota increase request to be approved.
  • Monitor Blade
    • Utilities for evaluating your Azure use.
    • Metrics Blade
      • Plot resource use over time.