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Whenever the C3 AI Suite runs a python method, it first loads an associated 'ActionRuntime' and runs python within that. Essentially, an ActionRuntime is a conda virtual environment.

Traditional Direct Definition and Provisioning of ActionRuntimes

To define a new ActionRuntime, you must provide an action runtime definition in the seed data of your package. An ActionRuntime definition is a .json file with the following format:


Once you've defined your ActionRuntime .json file, you need to place it in the seed data of your C3 AI Suite package. It should go in the file <repository_dir>/<package_dir>/seed/ActionRuntime/<runtime_id>.json where <repository_dir> and <package_dir> are the repository and package directories of your package, and <runtime_id> is a name matching the 'id' field of the .json file. For instance, in the example above, this would be py-deeplearning.json.

Once this definition is in place, re-provision your package and reload your jupyter notebook. You should be able to find and install a python kernel with a name matching the environment name as specified in the .json file.

See the DTI Guide: Data Integration on C3 AI Suite for more about the .json seed data format.

Defining and Managing ActionRuntimes Via IDS

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Checking Your Defined ActionRuntimes