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C3 .aiAI offers official " Academy " online courses. A C3 AI developer portal login is required to sign up for these courses. Each course is a self-paced series of videos, exercises, and quizzes , intended to be completed in a week (40 hours). When signed up, you will be given access to a C3 .aiAI-hosted training environment (this access will end by the weekend) for one week and to C3 AI instructors ' daily office hours each morning. You can re-sign up for a course in a subsequent week if you have not completed it.

The C3 .aiAI Data Science course is likely the most relevant to your DTI-sponsored research activities; , however it is meant to be taken after completing the C3 .ai Fundamentals. More detailed course recommendations accompany each Level of C3 usage available from the main Training Materials page.

Accessing C3's Training

AI Cornerstone.

Accessing Academy

To access To access C3's available coursework, navigate to this page. This will require you to create a C3 litmos Litmos account. Once your account is created, navigate to the link, and you should land at the learning dashboard which should be similar to that pictured here:

Learning Paths

C3 's Training AI training curriculum is broken up into ' Learning Paths' . Each containing contains a series of modules broken into sections containing instructional videos, quizzes to test your understanding, and finally tests through which C3 AI evaluates completion of their official courses.

Anybody with a litmos Litmos account can view the training material. Simply navigate to the Learning Path you are interested in, click on its icon , and you will go to that Learning Path's page. For example, here's what the C3 .ai AI Data Science Learning Path looks like:

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The upper section describes some basic resources available to people taking this course, and below are the actual course materials. Each section contains either a text document describing where to find some resources, or some action to complete, a video module describing some aspect of C3, a quiz, or test.

Above the course sections is the link Additional References. Clicking that , brings up links to additional materials for the course. ImportantlyMost importantly, is a zip file at the top under 'Course Resources'. This zip file contains all materials needed for the course including any C3 packages, jupyter Jupyter notebooks, exercises, or data sets.Image Removed

Registering for a



If you have access to a C3 clusterCluster, you don't technically have to sign up for any C3 course. Signing up for a C3 course only provides access to a tag on the official C3 AI training cluster. All other components of the C3 course is are available on the learning path page, including information to attend the (usually) daily office hours.

If you want to sign up for a Academy course , navigate to the litmos learning dashboard ( There in the upper right, there's a link saying 'Class Schedule':

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Click "Class Schedule" and then scroll down on the resulting page to see the list of courses and dates for which you can enroll:

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Litmos learning dashboard and select Content Library:

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Select the course you want to enroll in and click 'Start this course'Click the 'Enroll' button beside the course and time slot you want.

Typically, C3 AI requires learners to pass a HackerRank test to determine readiness to be onboarded to the C3 AI platform. This is waived for DTI members. Please email if you are being asked to complete this test.