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The definitive Public API documentation is located here:


  • Exposed APIs
    • fetch - The fetch API can be called on Types in the Data Lake to return instances of these types (Available for all exposed C3 Types).
    • evalMetrics - The evalmetrics API can be called on some expressions which are defined on some outbreakLocations. These are detailed as part of the COVID-19 Public Data Lake documentation. Available only for outbreakLocation .
    • Other available APIs - Please see the official documentation for more information about these:
      • getprojectionhistory
      • getarticlemetadata
      • getimageurls
      • allversionsforpolicy
  • Unavailable APIs
    • Any methods defined on the available types in the Data Lake that aren't explicitly mentioned in the COVID-19 Public Data Lake documentation are not available through the public API.
    • Example: The listMetrics()  function is defined on Types inheriting MetricEvaluatable . This gives a list of available Metrics you can use for a given type. This function cannot be called through the Public API.


  • Exposed Types
    • OutbreakLocation
    • Hospital
    • PatientRoute
    • LineListRecord
    • LocationPolicySummary
    • ClinicalTrial
    • TherapeuticAsset
    • ExternalLink
    • VaccineCoverage
    • PolicyDetail
    • LocationExposure
    • BiblioEntry
    • PopulationData
    • BiologicalAsset
    • Sequence
    • Subsequence
    • AminoAcidLookup
    • NucleotideLookup
  • Unavailable Types
    • Fips
    • Header types associated with timeseries data like JHU_ConfirmedCases  or NYT_ConfirmedCases .
    • Others the DTI is not currently aware of.


  • Unavailable Properties
    • In some cases, Type properties are not available through the Public API. For example, when evaluating timeseries information, the 'earliest' and 'latest' properties associated with that timeseries's header information is not accessible.