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  1. DTI Readiness Checklist: Before you go to any guides below, please check if you have C3 AI Suite Access with this Readiness Checklist.
  2. DTI Quickstart Guide: If this is your first time using C3 AI Suite, this is the guide you are looking for. This quick start guide will provide you the core concepts about the platform and some visual (images and videos) guides to provide a basic understanding of the platform.
  3. DTI Tutorial to C3 Types: This is a DTI tutorial guide for essential concepts about C3 Types. This is one of the most important concepts in using the C3 AI Suite. The C3 Type is similar to the concept of the "class" in Java and Python.
  4. DTI Guide to C3 Expressions: This is a DTI guide to understanding C3 Expressions which appear throughout the platform.
  5. DTI Guide for Jupyter Notebook on C3 AI Suite: If you have had some basic understanding of the C3 AI Suite and want to use the Jupyter notebook on C3 AI Suite, those two basic guides will help you to get started. The Python Action Runtime setup guide is also included.
  6. DTI Data Integration: This will be the guide if you want to integrate data into C3 AI Suite. It includes Official C3 AI documentation for data integration, detailed integration structural explanation, and a recorded demo video for data integration. This guide assumes some basic understanding of the C3 AI Suite and C3 types.
  7. DTI Guide to Machine Learning: This guide will provide you some basic knowledge on how to start Machine Learning on C3 AI Suite. It provides you the substrate/concrete C3 Types that you will frequently use on the platform, along with a couple of usage examples. This guide assumes some basic understanding of the C3 AI Suite and C3 Types.
  8. DTI RESTful API Documentation: This guide provides a basic understanding of the C3 RESTful APIs that are automatically generated when you deploy a C3 Package to your C3 Tag.
  9. Tips and Tricks: This guide provides a number of useful tips and tricks for working with the C3 platform.
  10. DTI Platform Resource Management Guide: This DTI managed guide instructs how to manage your cluster resources. Especially useful for custom Jupyter sessions.
  11. DTI Training Videos: If you are a visual learner and prefer to learn the basic concepts with a lecturer, feel free to check these training videos covering topics selected by the DTI DevOps staff. These are a collaboration between the DTI team and Armaan Butt from C3 AI and go through various aspects of development and usage on the C3 AI Suite. 
  12. List of Additional Available Training Resources: There are still several additional training materials that have not been listed above. Please visit this page for more details about those trainings.
  13. Official C3 AI Training: If you would like to go to official C3 AI training, here is the link for you. There are multiple online courses and each will take about a week of working time to finish, but these can be really helpful for you to understand their platform and details.