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  1. A request with the reason for removal is sent to the HIPAA Liaison who approves or rejects.
  2. The requestor will be sent instructions on how to securely transport the media out of the restricted area to the security team, using a secure container.

  3. Container shall be locked with a key kept in the secure area.

  4. Container will be transported to the security team for wiping / destruction.

  5. The security team will unlock with second key kept at wiping / destruction station.

  6. Each device will be wiped or destroyed per Security Office policy

  7. The person wiping the media will electronically record the details of the wiped media and when it was sanitized, and . Then they will return the secure container to the Covered Entity secure area area.

  8. The media is given to the building manager who closes the workflow and sends the drive on.  If necessary, they have the original requestor fill out the RMA paperwork.