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Capacity to inode Ratio

Ratio: 1TB Quota to 625,000 iNodes


File System Block Size: 1 MB

For a balance of throughput performance and file space efficiency, a block size of 1MB has been chosen for the ScoutFS file system that acts as the Granite front end disk cache.



Block Size on Tape

Accessing Granite:

There are currently three different methods that will be implemented to store and retrieve data, Globus, SCP, and a DR Solution the SET team provides.


Globus is a third party service NCSA uses to leverages across a number of it's storage systems.

Granite is accessible via Globus at the endpoint name "NCSA Granite" and the endpoint is open to the public internet for transfers from anywhere with another Globus endpoint.  Authentication to the endpoint is handled by NCSA's CILogon service and requires two-factor via Duo.  For shared collections, or other questions submit a ticket to  Information about Globus can be found at their site


This method leverages the native linux secure copy tool scp to ingest data into the archive cache.