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Table of Contents


Introduction for C3 Data Integration:

Ultimately, we want to connect our C3 cluster to a source of data. This is done through the process of 'Data Integration'. Generally, data flow from a source file or system into a so called 'Canonical' Type. This Canonical type is meant to mirror directly the data source. Next, a 'Canonical Transform' is defined which connects the Canonical Type to another C3 Type which is part of your final data model. A general Diagram follows:



DTI Data Integration Video

We have recorded a Data Integration Demo at DTI Training Videos - Data Integration Demo.

Specialized Types

First, we'll discuss the specialized types which are used throughout the Data Integration system, and discuss what happens once the data enters the C3 AI Suite. Things within the C3 AI Suite are a little cleaner to think about first. Once we've established how things work inside the C3 AI Suite, we'll follow with how we can get the data into the first step of the C3 AI Suite's Data Integration System.