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Document Name: NCSA Networking Contact Process
Version: 1.0
Accountable: David Wheeler
Authors: David Wheeler
Approved: ???? 

Urgent Priority 

Networking Incident or concern that is of a critical nature and requires immediate response. 

  • Examples: Key resources managed by Network Engineering are down (e.g., routing or basic network connectivity is down), or a networking outage on a production system is in progress.

NCSA has a 24/7/365 operations help desk that can in an emergency direct any networking incidents and issues to the appropriate Network Engineers. You can contact the help desk at (217) 244-0710, or email "help ( at )".

Help Desk Instructions

High Priority

Needs to be addressed in a timely manner, i.e., in the next couple hours during business days.

  • Examples: A new user needs access to a system controlled by Network Engineering, or you think that your laptop or web site may have been compromised.
  1. Send a note to "help+neteng ( at )"
  2. Flag the note as High Priority
  3. List Subject as High Priority
  4. Clearly state the issue or need
  5. List when this request needs completed
  6. Provide contact information

This reaches the Network Engineering team.


  • Examples: Questions, configuration change request, meeting requests, etc
  1. Send note to "help+neteng (at)"
  2. Clearly state the issue or need
  3. List when this request needs completed
  4. Provide contact information

This creates a ticket for the Network Engineering team.

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