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On Wednesday, members of the NCSA security team gave a group presentation on different topics impacting NCSA staff and assets. The talk began with Security Engineer Paul Guder reviewing helpful tips for generating and managing passwords. Next, Lead Security Engineer Chris Clausen shared the various tools they use to conduct vulnerability scanning. Then, Sr. Security Engineer Kay Avila reviewed DUO, the two-factor authenticator used for protecting NCSA assets. And, Sr. Security Engineer Leandro Avila-Diaz gave a refresher on email phishing scams that commonly occur in a work environment. Paul ended the presentation by directing people to the Security Operations Wiki, highlighting resources the security team have put together to help support and educate staff. 

PDF copy of the slides: NCSA IRST Lightning Talks Lunch (1).pdf

This talk was the first of a quarterly series in 2020. Contact Jeannette Dopheide for suggestions on future topics.

For questions about the presentation, or security in general, contact

To learn more about security at NCSA, see our websiteour Github, and follow us on Twitter at @NCSASecurity.