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NCSA's CyberSecurity Division is hiring research programmers! Join our team to work on cutting edge software and projects that help secure cyberinfrastructure for national and international science and engineering research communities. Please view the position posting to apply.

Interviews and offers may be made before the closing date, so don't wait
to apply.

Initial job duties will include:

1) Nagios. We have a fairly extensive system, but we'd like to start
generating the config programmatically instead of by hand and start
fine-tuning our checks, alerts, etc.
2) Automating system provisioning and updates using Katello.
3) Vetting. Important systems undergo a security vetting process before
they go in production. We're working on refining this and automating it.
4) CentOS 7 upgrade. We're upgrading our systems from CentOS 6 to 7.
5) Some VMware care and feeding.

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