Pricing as of FY23:

Internal:  $30.48/TB/year

External:  $48.35 /TB/year

Internal vs. External

Internal pricing is available for all Illinois Funded and Grant Funded programs, essentially all accounts that have a CFOP.  External pricing is for accounts external to the U of I system, who themselves do not have a CFOP.  If you are unsure, likely you fall under Internal pricing, but feel free to reach out for clarification.

F & A Overhead

The above rates are exempted from F & A overhead that is applied to purchases made against many types of funds over a certain cost threshold.  NCSA has received approval to exempt these fees from F & A costs due to their nature and the services they provide.  The costs listed should be the "all in" cost, and will be the basis for which accounts will be charged.  There should be no extra or ancillary fees attached to the use of this system.  

 Your use of this resource may quality for funding via Illinois Computes [Learn more about Illinois Computes] and [How to submit a request]. 

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