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Please copy these questions into an email and send to

New project allocation (Taiga)

  • Project name:
  • Contact name:
  • CFOP (For billing):
  • Date you would like to start utilizing taiga storage:
  • LDAP groups:
  • Agree to SLA (Y/N):
  • Are there other contracts required? (Y/N) If so, what are they?
    • Contract # (if applicable):
  • Requested allocated space:
  • Description of customer connected resource:
  • Custom (project name) Globus connection address ie taiga#yourproject (Y/N):
  • Moving data from elsewhere? Where? How much? Will you need assistance?
  • Would you like a custom Globus collection "endpoint" name?

Link to Taiga_SLA.pdf

Editable SLA version to fill out: Taiga_SLA.docx

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