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About the User Guides

For each subsystem configured on ROGER are corresponding user guides which give detailed guidelines and explanations for processing data using that particular system.

Topics included in each user guide:
  • Connecting to the cluster nodes
  • Data management
  • Compiling/writing programs
  • Submitting & running jobs
  • Additional tutorials & resources
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Before Getting Started Read About the ROGER User Documentation
 Important Terms Defined

Key Definitions

Module: relating to software, module here means an independent component that is part of a larger program.

Environment: the collective software and modules you have loaded and are running on make-up your 'environment'.

Subsystem: here we use this term to refer to the 3 distinct software architectures that are set-up on the ROGER cluster.

Program: linked modules.

Job: a file containing user name, resources needed, and the compiled programs for running.

Script: text document containing commands and/or executable.

Shell: the user interface that allows for access to the operating system's services. It functions to read and interpret commands that are entered.

 Conventions Used In This Guide


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This text box is used to flag exceptions to certain rules and/or instructions. Content in this box will not always apply to every user.

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