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Accessing OpenStack

An open-source, cloud computing framework, OpenStack has a modular architecture, each module (aka software) providing a distinct service to the overall OpenStack environment. For each module there is an OpenStack API, or command-line client, which allows users to interact with one particular service at a time. In addition to the individual client interfaces, there is also a more general OpenStackClient that can be used to interact with services across the entire project.

An OpenStack project can be managed either using the Horizon dashboard» or using command line tools. Horizon (which is the code-name given to the dashboard service) provides a convenient, web-based interface for managing servers, while the command line tools are more convenient for automated usage.

Follow the links below to learn more about how to get started with OpenStack on ROGER.


The configuration of OpenStack on the ROGER cluster diverges slightly from the 'traditional' configuration users may be familiar with, consequently some modules may not be available.

OpenStack Guides & Tutorials

ROGER OpenStack Guides

Additional Documentation

OpenStack Video Guides

OpenStack Quick Start Guide

Introduces the dashboard service, Horizon (browser-based user interface).


OpenStackClient (CLI) User Guide

Basics of accessing and navigating OpenStack from the command line.


OpenStack FAQ

Questions related to OpenStack on ROGER answered here.

OpenStack End User Guide»

A complete documentation by OpenStack.


OpenStack API Documenatation»

Covers how to launch server instances, create images, assign metadata to instances and images, create storage containers and objects, as well as completing other actions with OpenStack cloud. 

Cloud Computing & OpenStack Intro»

This 50 minute video starts out by introducing cloud computing, cloud service models, hypervisors and then goes into the OpenStack architecture specifically. Skip to 26:40 if only interested in the OpenStack related content.

OpenStack Architecture»

A 45 minute live, technical video discussing the architecture of OpenStack. This video is extremely helpful for all levels of expertise.

Generating/Importing Key Pair»

A 4 minute interactive video for generating a new key pair and importing it to OpenStack instance. Note: no verbal instructions included in video.

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