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Current Status


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Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

StartEndWhat System/Service is affectedWhat is happening?What will be affected?

Previous Outages

StartEndWhat System/Service was affected?What happened?What was affected?Outcome
2017-07-25 02:362017-07-25 18:00Campus Cluster / Scheduler downBlip on mgmt1 causing GPFS drop and scheduler to crashScheduler offlineStill taking long time for Scheduler to initialize but jobs can start and run as usual. Opened case with Adaptive.
2017-07-20 09:002017-07-20 17:00ROGER Ambari and OpenStackUpdates to openstack control node and the Ambari clusterAmbari nodes (cg-hm08 - cg-hm18), OpenStack instances and serversOpenstack was back in service on time. Ambari had issues mounting hdfs was held out of service. HDFS was remounted on 25 July
2017-07-20 06:002017-07-20 10:00All NCSA hosted LSST resourcesMonthly OS patches (addressing issues including CESA-2017:1615 and CESA-2017:1680). Roll-out updated puppet modules. Batch nodes updated firmware.All nodes in NCSA 3003 and NPCF (batch nodes) will reboot.Overall success. Exceptions: verify-worker31 failed a firmware update and is out of comission (LSST-914) and there are connectivity issues for some VMs used by the NCSA DM team (IHS-365). adm01, backup01, and test[09-10] will be patched in the near future.
2017-07-19 08:002017-07-19 14:44Campus ClusterJuly Maintenance (applied security patch)Cluster wide, except mwt2 nodesApplied new kernel, glibc, bind patches and newest NVIDIA driver.
2017-06-30 0000Blue WatersEmergency maintenance to apply security patch addressing Stack Guard security vulnerability.Compute, Login, Scheduler are offline.Kernel and glibc library patched on all affected system.
2017-06-22 08002017-06-22 1200All NCSA hosted LSST resourcesCRITICAL kernel and package updates to address Stack Guard Page security vulnerability.

Systems will be patched and rebooted.

Outage was extended to last past 1000 until 1200. Systems were successfully patched as planned except for qserv-db12 and qserv-db27, which will not boot. We will follow up on those with a ticket.
2017-06-22 08002017-06-22 0930LSST cluster nodes (verify-worker*, qserv*, sui*, bastion01, test*, backup01)Deploy Unbound (local caching DNS resolver)DNS resolving may have a short (~30 mins) delay. Successfully deployed and all tests (including reverse DNS and intra-cluster SSH) pass.
BluewatersXDP shutting down causing EPO on cabinet c1-7 and c2-7.Scheduler was paused to isolate the failing components, then resumed.Warmswap of failing components, and returned them to service.





NCSA Open Source

Security upgrade needed for Bamboo, will also update the following components: Bamboo, JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, FishEye

Most of the subcomponents of NCSA opensource will be down for a short time when the software is updated.Upgraded Bamboo, JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, FishEye to latest versions





ROGER Openstack nfs backend failed and was restartedThe primary CES server for the openstack backend failed and tried to fail over to the secondary server, which also failed. SET was notified and they had the CES nfs service back up by 1100The RoGER openstack dashboard went down and needed a restart. Several VM's experienced "virtual drive errors" and will need to be restartedSET is still investigating the cause of the GPFS CES service failover. CyberGIS is working with their users to get the affected VM's restarted
2017-06-15 08002017-06-15 0930LSST cluster nodes (verify-worker*, qserv*, sui*, bastion01, test*, backup01)Deploy unboundDNS resolving may have a short (~30 mins) delay.

Updates deployed successfully via new puppet module. All tests passed.

EDIT 2017-06-15 1500 - Reverse DNS not working, which broke ssh to qserv* nodes. Disaabled unbound.


8:00 a.m.


10:00 p.m.

Network Core SwitchNetwork Engineering will be replacing a line card in one of our Core switches due to hardware issue.All services should remain active. Any affected switch will have a second redundant link to the other core to pass traffic.Line card was successfully replaced.
2017-06-08 12:002017-06-11 22:20Campus Cluster (scheduler paused)Disk Enclosure 3 failure on DDN 10K.Lost redundancy and force us to drain the cluster.Repair/replacement for controller can be time consuming so we took action to rebalance data out of failed enclosure. Scheduler was resumed as of 22:00.

2017-06-07 12:07

2017-06-07 12:42NCSA LDAPThe NCSA LDAP service crashedNCSA LDAP service was unavailableLDAP software and OS were updated and server rebooted. LDAP is working normally.
2017-05-31 20:062017-05-31 20:36NCSA LDAPThe NCSA LDAP service was timing outNCSA LDAP service was unavailableThe root cause of LDAP timeouts is still being investigated.
2017-05-222017-05-26Campus Cluster VMsNetwork issue ESXI (hypervisor) Boxes after maintenanceCould no longer able to login to start VMs. License Server, nagios, all MWT2 VMs were down

The issue is fixed on 5/24. Restored license and Nagios service on 5/24. Moved MWT2 VMs to Campus Farm. All VMs return to service as of noon 5/26.

5/12/20175/18/2017Condo/NFS partitions onlythe NFS partition for the condo became extremely unstable after a replication (normal daily maintenance) was completed. Many iterations with FSCK and IBM on the phone got it resolved, and then 1.5 days restoring files that had been put in Lost and found.UofI library was switched to the READONLY version on the ADS during this timeThe root cause is still being investigated.
2017-05-23 14:052017-05-23 14:13NCSA LDAPThe NCSA LDAP service was timing outNCSA LDAP service was unavailableThe issue is still being investigated, but seems to be steadily available since the incident.
2017-05-22 15:412017-05-22
Apache Tomcat out of memoryInCommon/SAML IdP and OIDC authentication services were unavailable.Service restored by failing over to secondary server while memory is being increased on primary server.
05/20/2017 21:09

05/20/2017 23:37

DES nodes on Campus ClusterCould not communicate outside the switchAll nodes connected to switch in POD22 Rack2 @ACBUpgraded the code on the switch resolved the issue.
05/20/2017 05:0005/20/2017 21:09Campus Cluster and Active Data Storage (ADS)Total power outage at ACBAll systems currently reside at ACB

Power was restored around 13:00hrs. We rotated ADS rack to align with Campus Cluster Storage Rack. Changed couple of VLAN IDs to reflect campus for future merger. ESXI boxes are down due to a configuration error after reboot. No major issue from output of FSCK from scratch02.

05/17/2017 02:0005/17/2017 10:45Internet2 WAN connectivityIntermittent WAN connectivity. The outage was a result of Tech Services' DWDM system, which provides us with our physical optical path up to Chicago via the ICCN. Specifically, the Adva card that our 100G wave is on was seeing strange errors, which was causing input framing errors for traffic coming in on this interface.General WAN connectivity to XSEDE sites, certain commodity routes, and other I2 AL2S connections.The Adva card was rebooted and we stopped seeing the input framing errors. Tech Services is working with Adva to find the root cause of the issues on the card.
5/11/20175/12/2017ESnet 100G connectionNCSA and ESnet will be moving their 100G connection to a different location in Chicago.We have several diverse high speed paths to ESnet and DOE, traffic will be redirected to a secondary path. 
NCSA Jabber upgradeUpgraded Openfire XMMP jabber softwareNCSA Jabber was unavailable during the upgrade.Jabber was upgraded to the latest version of Openfire





iForge, cForge, GPFS, License ServersiForge/cForge Planned MaintenanceiForge/cForge systems, including the ability to submit/run jobs.Pm was completed early at 1815
2017-05-06 22:002017-05-06 23:00NCSA Open SourceUpgrades of Atlassian softwareNCSA Open Source BitBucketBitBucket is upgraded.
2017-05-06 09:002017-05-06 10:00NCSA Open SourceUpgrade of Atlassian SoftwareMost services hosted at NCSA Open Source were down for 5 minutes during rolling upgrades.The following services were upgraded: HipChat, Bamboo, JIRA, Confluence, FishEye and CROWD.
2017-05-05 17:432017-05-05 20:02ITS vSphereA VM node panickedSeveral VMs died when the node panicked and were restarted on other VM nodes. This included LDAP, JIRA, Help/RT, SMTP, Identity, and others.All affected VMs were restarted on other VM nodes. Most restarted automatically.
2017-04-27 18:102017-04-27 18:55Campus ClusterAnother GPFS interruptionBoth Resource Manager and Scheduler went down along with hand full of compute nodes.Restarted the RM and Scheduler and rebooted all down nodes.
2017-04-27 13:112017-04-27 14:20Nebulaglusterfs crashed due to this bug, so no instances could access their filesystemsAll instances running on NebulaNeeded to reboot the node that systems were mounting from, but took the opportunity to upgrade all gluster clients on other systems while waiting for a reboot. Version 3.10.1 fixes the bug. All instances with errors in their logs were restarted.
2017-04-27 11:202017-04-27 12:45Campus ClusterGPFS interruptionBoth Resource Manager and Scheduler went down.Torque serverdb file was corrupted. Restore the file from this morning snapshot and modified the data to match the current state.
2017-04-26 12:002017-04-26 18:30CondoA bug in the delete of a disk partition from GPFS. a problem within GPFSDES, Condo partitions, and UofI Library.Partitions had been up for 274 days, and many changes. The delete partition bug caused us to stop ALL operations on the condo and repair each disk through GPFS. Must have quarterly maintenance. Just too complicated to go a year without reseting things.
2017-04-19 16:542017-04-20 08:45gpfs01, iforge, cforge

Filled-up metadata disks on I\O servers caused failures on gpfs01.

iforge and cforge clusters, including all currently running jobs.

Scheduling on iForge and cForge was paused for the duration of the incident. Running jobs were killed.13% metadata space was freed. Clusters were rebooted and scheduling resumed.

2017-04-19 08:002017-04-19 13:00Campus ClusterMerging xpacc data and /usr/local back to data01 (April PM)Resource manager and Scheduler were unavailable during the maintenance.Once again, /usr/local, /projects/xpacc and /home/<xpacc users> are mounting from data01. No more split cluster.
2017-04-04 (1330)2017-04-04 (1600)NetworkingSome fiber cuts caused a routing loop inside one of the campus ISP's network.Certain traffic that traversed this ISP would never make the final destination. Some DNS lookups would have also failed.Campus was able to route around the problem, and the ISP also corrected their internal problem. The cut fiber was restored last night.
2017-03-28 (0000)2017-03-29 (1600)LSSTNPCF Chilled Water OutageLSST - Slurm cluster nodes will be offline during the outage. All other LSST systems are expected to remain operational.No issues. Slurm nodes restarted.
2017-03-28 (0000)2017-03-29 (0230)Blue WatersNPCF Chilled Water OutageFull system shutdown on Blue Waters (except Sonexion which is needed for fsck)FSCK done on all lustre file systems, XDP piping works done (no leakage found), Software updates (PE, darshan) completed.
Blue WatersBW scratch MDT failover, df hangsBW scratch MDT failover, load on mds was 500+ delayed failover. Post FO had some issues that delayed RTS.scheduler was paused
Blue WatersBW login node ps hangrebooted h1-h3, lost bw/h2ologin DNS record, had neteng recreate the record. Had to rotate login in and out of round-robins until all rebooted. User email sent (2).Logins nodes rebooted
DNS round-robin changes
2017-03-23 (1000)2017-03-23 (1500)NebulaNCSA Nebula OutageNebula will take an outage to balance and build a more stable setup for the file system. This will require a pause of all instances, and Horizon being unavailable.File system online and stable. At this time all blocks were balanced and healed.
2017-03-16 (0630)2017-03-16 (1130)LSSTLSST monthly maintenanceGPFS filesystems will go offline for entire duration of outages. Some systems may be rebooted, especially those that mount one or more of the GPFS filesystems. 
Blue WatersFailure on cabinet c9-7, affecting HSN.Filesystem hung for several minutes.Scheduler was paused for 50 minutes.
Warmswap cabinet c9-7.
Nodes on c9-7 are reserved for further diagnosis.  
2017-03-15 09:002017-03-15 12:47Campus ClusterUPS work at ACB.Reshuffling electrical drops on 10k controllers, storage IB switches and some servers.Scheduler will be paused for regular jobs. MWT2 and DES will continue run on their nodes.UPS work at ACB - incomplete (required additional parts)Redistributing power work done.Scheduler was paused for 3hrs 50 mins.
2017-03-10 13:002017-03-10 18:00Campus ClusterICCP - We lost 10K controllers due to some type of power disturbance at ACB.ICCP - Lost all filesystem and its a cluster wide outage.Recovered missing LUNs and rebooted the cluster. Cluster was back in service at 18:00.
2017-03-09 09002017-03-09 1500RogerROGER planned PMbatch, hadoop, data transfer services & Ambarisystem out for 6hrs, DT services out until 0000
2017-03-08 19:412017-03-08 22:41Blue WatersXDP powered off that served the four cabinets
(c16-10, c17-10, c18-10, c19-10).
scheduler paused, four rack power cycled.
moab required a restart, too many down nodes
and itterations were stuck.
Scheduler paused
three hours
2017-03-03 17002017-03-03 2200Blue WatersBW hpss emergency outage to clean
up db2 database
ncsa#nearline, stores are failing with cache fullResolved cache full errors
2017-02-28 12002017-02-28 1250Campus ClusterICC Resource Manager downUser can't submit new jobs or start new jobsRemove corrupted job file
2017-02-22 16152017-02-221815NebulaNebula Gluster IssuesAll Nebula instances paused while gluster repairedNebula is available.
2017-02-11 19002017-02-11 2359NPCFNPCF Power HitBW Lustre was down, xdp heat issues.RTS 2017-02-11 2359
2017-02-15 08002017-02-15 1800Campus ClusterICC Scheduled PMBatch jobs and login nodes access