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  • REST API for the management of NDS Labs services
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First pass review of the REST API implemented by the nds-django project. Work in progress and subject to updating.


ActivitiesParametersHTTP verb mappingReturn elements
Create a docker job.

"script" : String - The actual script to execute


"file" : String - Name of file to attach that contains the script to execute

"scriptname" : String - If "script" is defined, the name to assign to that script.

"image_name" : String

"image_tag" : String

"data" : String

POST /upload

The ID of the docker job that was created


Get the staus of a docker job

"job_id" : String

GET /upload

container id - The identifier for the docker container

worker - The name of the worker that is handling the job

create task state - The current state of the job, can be UNKNOWN, RUNNING, FAILED, or COMPLETED

Get the logs for a docker job"cont_id" : StringGET /stdoutstdout - The logs associated with container that is running the job that was specified
List the data stored in iRODS GET /list_dataList of items, with each element containing "name" and "url" information
List the docker images that are available GET /list_imagesCurrently returns a hardcoded list of docker images that can be used for jobs
List the docker containers GET /list_containerList of docker containers that are currently available
Stop a specific container"cont_id" : String - The id of the container to stopGET /stop

"state" - Either UNKNOWN, success, or failed

"error" or "msg" - Text describing the current state that was returned

Obtain information about a container"cont_id" : String - The id of the container to query (optional??)GET /infoInformation about the specified container, if "cont_id" was provided. Otherwise, a list of containers and the information about their last usage?
Get the diff of the container running a specific job"cont_id" : StringGET /diffA list of the changed files and directories within the container's filesystem
Retrieve all information for a job's container"cont_id" : StringGET /metricData regarding the specified container
Download the results from a job   
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