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Work Completed

    • Tested Gondola REST service and Cyberintegrator Server on I updated the Gondola Server to read the logging level from a properties file and used hard coded logging as the fall-back if there is a problem reading a properties file or no properties file provided. This allows administrators to set the logging level for each package at runtime.
    • I submitted a help request to XSEDE for obtaining a password for my Blacklight account since none was provided. After getting my credentials, I successfully compiled the eAIRS 3d code and submitted a job. I then worked with Jong to updated the REGEX for the script file so the Gondola client can obtain job information.
    • Luigi finished some code for publishing workflow beans and I briefly reviewed it
    • Updated paw-authentication and went through the steps to setup a Mysql database locally to log into paw-authentication. This will be needed for getting credentials and running the published workflows
    • Started working on the UI for job monitoring. I converted some of my earlier code to the Model-view-presenter (MVP) methodology. I need to finish the front end and then start adding in real data from the REST service.
    • Assisted Dr. Nam in getting Gondola running on his machine from his Eclipse workspace
  • General
    • Submitted my completed Conflict of Interest form to HR

Work Planned

    • Test updated REST service and updated CI server with eAIRS tools.
    • Update Gondola server to read logging level and package names from a properties file at runtime
    • Obtain credentials for blacklight account and test running eAIRS tools on blacklight
    • Start working on more of the UI parts with Luigi and convert current mockups to the MVP methodology.
  • General
    • Submit conflict of interest form to HR


This week went as planned. Next week we should be able to publish a workflow and try running it using PAW.