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Work Completed

    • Attended Monday staff meeting.
    • Worked on Gondola REST service. I added CET logging plugins to the headless RCP application and added an slf4j to log4j bridge library that now allows us to capture all logging statements. Using the CET logging, we can now control what log level gets written to the log file for each package. I was not able to reproduce an occasional bug I saw with the KISTI gondola service, but once we start using my updated code we should be able to see what is going on when the error happens. I also noted that we will need to improve this service to use the Tupelo Repository for getting the latest user credentials. The current implementation will be prone to failure once the clients cert expires and the job hasn't ran yet because it stores the cert locally inside it's own repository. It would be better if it went out and got the latest cert from Tupelo.
    • Finished up the 3d solver testing. Everything is operating normally and is checked into SVN. The next step is to start wiring this up with the Web interface to setup and launch jobs.
    • Started transitioning my Desktop files to my laptop. It took some time to get the laptop dock to work properly with Linux. I spent most of Friday installing the system and retrieving all required applications. The laptop is considerably faster than my aging Desktop and will improve efficiency (Maven compile/installs would grind my desktop to a halt until it finished, it's barely noticeable on the laptop). The laptop is dual booted win7/ubuntu 11.04.
    • Provided Yong Wook some advice on getting started with transitioning his paw-authentication code to the Model-view-presenter design paradigm.

Work Planned

    • Work on improving the Gondola REST service. There is an occasional bug that shows up, but no logging is being captured because of the different logging systems among the libraries used
    • Work on finishing up the 3D solver tools and test everything using KISTI-tupelo repository and KISTI-CI server
    • Transition desktop machine to laptop and installed 64 bit Ubuntu on laptop
    • Attend Monday Staff meeting (10am)


This week went as planned. It took a little longer than anticipated to setup my laptop as my primary workstation since I had to resolve issues with Ubuntu recognizing the dock properly. It took a bios update and some bios tweaking to resolve the problem.