Work Completed

    • Compiled and tested eAIRS 3D solver. There were some issues getting the code to compile and then some runtime errors due to the environment settings on XSEDE's Ranger resource. I setup my desktop system to compile and run MPI code so I could test runtime errors more quickly by avoiding the gueue time. I sent questions to KISTI involving the code and output files and used the Ranger online manual to change my environment settings and resolved the issues I had. I created a new script for the 3d workflow that loads the correct environment before executing the solver. The solver is tested and a new 3d tool was created and checked into SVN since the 3d solver has different outputs than the 2d solver. It took more time than anticipated to compile and successfully run the 3d solver, but everything is working and tested.
    • Reviewed in more detail the GWT material on the MVP design pattern and sent some questions to Luigi.
    • Attended staff meeting (9-12-11) via skype
  • General
    • Prepared short writeup summarizing TRECC activities

Work Planned

    • Compile and test eAIRS 3D solver received from KISTI
    • Create new Cyberintegrator tool to execute eAIRS solver
    • Attend KISTI staff meeting (9-12-11)
  • General
    • Prepare short writeup for Terry to summarize TRECC activities


This week went as planned. I took half of a personal day on Friday September 16, 2011.