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Work Completed

  • Cyberintegrator
    • Verified my classloader change with Rob, tested it and checked in my changes. We rebuilt Cyberintegrator server and updated our CI server installation at with the new build
    • Fixed the issue Yong was having with getting credentials associated with a user. There was a missing Triple in the Utility class
    • Finished updating the eAIRS tools to look for credentials associated with the step or with the user. The first check is for credentials associated with the step, it then falls back on trying to find a credential associated with the creator. We will need something to associate the users credential with the workflow steps so they can access HPC resources. I also checked in a README file with the tools that will help users export the tools as jar files and import them into Cyberintegrator. A workflow for the tool is also checked into the repository. All of these tools were tested with the new CI server to verify correctness
  • General
    • Attended all-staff meeting on Thursday

Work Planned

  • Cyberintegrator
    • Verify new code for DisposeClassLoader with Rob and update CI Server. The server will need to be rebuilt with Jenkins and redeployed.
    • Fix bug in x509 certificate util where associations returns the empty set
    • Finish updating eAIRS tools to use the new REST client and obtain the credential from Tupelo either by searching for an association with the workflow step or the creator
  • General
    • Attend all staff meeting


This week went as planned. September 5th was a holiday and I took half of a personal day on September 7th and 8th.