Work Completed

    • Updated eAIRS tool to use the new PTPFlow-lite version and REST endpoing to submitting jobs. KNSG-107. This took some time due to classloading issues that were slow to track down between the REST client library and also with some of the JAXB classes used by PTPFlow-lite. The primary issues with PTPFlow-lite was fixed by specifying directly the Factory class and it's full path (found online in a forum) for issue encounted when mixing Eclipse Plug-in code and Java Standalone clients.
    • I am in the middle of testing the end to end workflow. My final changes are to update the basic eAIRS script dynamically with information such as which machine to run on, the machine's gridftp URL, etc. Once these tests are complete we can begin working with the front-end client code to setup/launch this workflow.
    • Started looking at Yong Wook's issue with getting the associated certificate, the bean util's look correct. I will continue to look into this.
    • Attended KISTI staff meeting
    • Attended Luigi's GWT-MVP tutorial
  • Cyberintegrator
    • Added an unimplemented findResources(...) method that was not part of Cyberintegrator's DisposeClassLoader. This caused a classloading issue for the REST library eAIRS is using because it's class loading utility class was calling ClassLoader.getResources(...), which would return null since it is unimplemented. I need to verify my changes with Rob before committing it back to the Cyberintegrator.

Work Planned

    • Update eAIRS tools to use PTPFlow-lite client for submitting jobs.
    • Attend KISTI staff meeting on Monday at 10am.
    • Attend Tutorial on GWT-MVP
  • Cyberintegrator
    • None


This week went mostly as planned. It took longer to fix classloading issues than anticipated, but they are now resolved and the final code updates are being done for the eAIRS tools. This should be finished early this week so we can begin connecting it to the UI parts. The final issue will be getting the x509 certificate associated with the workflow step so the step can get the correct cert without logging into MyProxy or relying on the user's tupelo username to get at the certificate (in case they are logged out and no cert is associated with their Username).