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Work Completed

    • I setup my development environment with the new Eclipse Indigo release and Maven plugin. It took some time to resolve issues I had getting Maven to update the PAW plugins properly and to build the PAW modules.
    • Looked over KISTI REST API
    • Checked out and looked at the PTPFlow-light client code (Gondola). I suggested a dependency change to Al to remove unnecessary plug-ins that could conflict. Most of the libraries wrapped inside Al's org.apache.commons plugin are now bundled with Eclipse and can be automatically picked up.
    • I updated paw-authentication to include a new dependency (to include tupelo-client) and I added code for storing the x509 certificates in Tupelo with my X509CertificateBean. One issue that needs to be addressed is how does paw-authentication get connected to a Tupelo context. In order to associate the x509 with a specific user, we need to have that user first sign into tupelo with a U/P or support some kind of single sign-on between Tupelo and MyProxy. Once this is addressed, we can use my code to store the x509.
    • I started working on the GWT layout for the job monitoring UI based on slide-22 of the EDISON v2.2.1 document provided by KISTI. This is still a work in progress as I get more familiar with the available GWT widgets and UI binder.
    • Attended KISTI staff meeting (Monday 10am).

Work Planned

    • Add code to paw-authentication module to store x509 certificate in tupelo
    • Start working on UI development for eAIRS/PAW
    • Attend KISTI Staff meeting, Monday - 10am.


This week went as planned. Next week I will be in Champaign (August 23rd) to attend the Eclipse PTP user meeting.