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  • Windows 7 Kerberos Login using External Kerberos KDC
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Windows 7 Kerberos Login using External Kerberos KDC


    Ksetup: Configures Kerberos realms, KDCs, and Kpasswd servers.

    Ktpass: Sets the password, account name mappings, and keytab generation for Kerberos services that use the Windows 2008 Kerberos KDC.

Windows 7 Client:

   Run the Ksetup utility to configure the Kerberos KDC server and realm.

    1) Create a host princpal for the computer in the Kerberos realm.  Use Kerberos utility kadmin.  Remember password used.
    2) Commandline (as administrator):

    C:> Ksetup /setdomain NCSA.EDU

## This is suggested in the documentation for Windows Server 2002,  this will drop the computer out of the domain.
## I have found that this also removes access to services and allocations.  With Windows 2008 server, I have elimited this step.
## Eliminating this allows access to services and allocations. It also allows access to the computer using the Windows Domain authentication (login).

   The client mapping allows NCSA.EDU{}ncsauser and{}ncsauser access to the same User account

     Add external KDCs

           C:> Ksetup /addkdc NCSA.EDU

           C:> Ksetup /addkdc NCSA.EDU

           C:> Ksetup /addkdc NCSA.EDU

     Add computer password - same as password used for creating the computer in the Kerberos realm.

           C:> Ksetup /setcomputerpassword password

     Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

    Configure Single Sign On

       Maps clients to their domain account on computer.

           C:> Ksetup /mapuser ncsauser@NCSA.EDU ncsauser

      Map clients to local accounts of the same name.

          C:> Ksetup /mapuser * *

     View Kerberos Settings

         C:> Ksetup

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